Best Cheap Electric Skateboards Under 500 Review

Let’s face it, getting a skateboard on a budget is an uphill task since you may be forced to dig deeper into your pockets. And from the many market providers, you may be a bit confused on which one to take home. Now, to get your best electric skateboards, you have to consider some factors to filter from the bad, the good and the best. For instance, you can take into consideration; the weight, price, battery, performance, and the spare parts or the technical support.

Best Cheap Electric Skateboards Under 500 Review

Now, in this simple guide, we have done everything and narrowed down to the best four electric skateboards. So, let’s have a look.

ACTION Blink Lite| Summer Sale |World’s Lightest Electric Skateboard for Youth

If you have a child or teen that has been dying to have one of these kinds, then this is just the perfect gift to surprise them on their birthdays. The playful electric skateboard provides them with new kinds of cool features that they’ll appreciate such as its remote-control system. Its unstoppable 5 miles ride on a single charge that only takes 2 hours is also worth commending.

If you’re ever late for work because you have to drop the young guys to school, then the Blink Lite portable skateboard got you covered. The Blink only weighs 7.7 pounds, light enough to provide a ride to and from school hence taking care of their daily grind. The manufacturers have also issued a six months warranty to give way and cater for any first wreckage, which may be very rare because the skateboard is built to last.

With the lithium-ion batteries, the Blink Lite guarantees just the proper stroll around town, across the streets or wherever the youngsters desire to cruise. The world’s electric skateboard ensures the safety of your riders as its reliability allows a balanced, confident ride.


  • Easy to control
  • Ensures safety from falling
  • The LED lights bring out the fun especially at night
  • The charging system is portable and takes long before the battery goes off


  • It’s not robust to wade through a mighty wind
  • It is impossible to predict when the battery will die

BLITZART Huracane 38” Electric Skateboard Electronic Longboard 17mph 350W Hub-Motor 3.5” 90mm

Have you been dreaming of getting one of the coolest skateboards? Well then, don’t look further because Blitzart Huracane is out! With the perfect premium grip tape, the Huracane brings in a robust maple wood plus a bamboo deck firmly glued together for substantial sturdiness. This feature makes it strong and last you a long duration.

The cruise is suitable for any street skateboard competition or errands. In addition to a propelling speed range of 17MPH, the Hub-motor covers a distance of 6-8 miles when accorded the perfect power charge. And guess what! The charge takes only 3 hours.

The electric BLITZART is for everyone, beginners, or experts as it brings home a high-quality remote-control wrist wrap for safety measures and the ability to reverse. The 350 W motor Ride regenerates braking and is ever ready for any stroll immediately out of the box. Besides, you won’t have any problems while on the road as they are reliable.


  • For customization, it has accessories in-store and four different colors to choose from.
  • The speed is perfect for any errand, school, store, and bus stop.
  • Has a weight limit of 250lb
  • Pocket-friendly when it comes to pricing



  • Its high speed may not be safe for beginners

BACKFIRE New G2 Electric Longboard 2019, 23 Mph Top Speed, 6 to 10 Miles Range, 83 MM Wheels

With the perfect features from its initial invention back in 2017, the G2 Electric board comes back with a high top-speed of 23.7mph. And you only take 3.5 hours of complete charge to cover a distance ranging 8 to 10 miles. The BACKFIRE Skateboard with a red or black option provides a tire hardness of 83A SHRAA wheels.

The G2 deck has been solidified with Hard Rock Marple of 8 layers to ensure flexibility and a concave that supports your feet when taking turns and speed. The 10 miles range, provide compatibility with wide wheels for much torque and quick acceleration. The 83 wheels give much ease when it comes to riding on the rocks plus an internal metal ring that prevents any vibration that may occur during the ride.


  • The price does not resonate with the high-quality features
  • The speed is just top-notch, 23.7mph is no joke!
  • Is not noisy like other boards when on the ground.
  • In case of any wreckage which is rare, the warranty is offered.


  • The high speed may not be convenient for newbie riders.
  • The board is a little bit stiff.



MEEPO Board Electric Skateboard Campus 2.0 (13 Mile Range & 18 mph Speed), Wood

Everyone wants to be associated with most relaxed rides in the market, and I bet you’re one, aren’t you? Well if you’re among them, worry less because MEEPO Electric machine got your back!

The board is slim, lightweight, and come readily equipped with one of the highest quality batteries (SANYO 20700B). The battery lasts long enough for any trainee or those taking a casual stroll within the local parks.

And if you think you’re heavy, you are making a mistake because you aren’t heavy than the 150 lbs. MEEPO Electric Skate has a smooth power output and regenerative braking system that ensures you don’t get fall while on your rides.


  • Provide a perfect ergonomic control system
  • Ensures great after-sale services
  • Portable enough to carry around


  • It is a little bit expensive when it comes to cost.


After a thorough review of the latest different skateboards in the market, it is in our best interest that these are just the perfect rides that you can take home or surprise a friend. So, next time you go to the shops, ensure that these four are on top of your list. They are a must have cheap electric skateboards. At least pick your best from them.