Evolve Bamboo GTX Series Electric Skateboard Review – best cheap electric skateboard under 500

Evolve is among the giant names in the skating industry. With almost ten years in the game, they have mastered their way around creating some of the best cheap electric skateboard under 500 the industry has encountered. Their aim lies in designing insanely awesome products which incorporate the use of the latest technology. Their years’ experience has seen them develop numerous products with unmatchable performance and in turn, landed them lots of loyal customers. An example of this is the Bamboo GTX Series Electric Skateboard.

Features and Specifications

The Deck

The name of this board will suggest to you the material used in its construction; carbon. Carbon makes the board extremely lightweight and carrying it from one point to another won’t be a menace. Moreover, it is relatively durable and comes with low maintenance. This is a win situation for the rider.

Remote Control

The board comes with a magnetic remote control that has a trigger that is positioned strategically. The remote allows you to take full control of your ride, from changing the speed to braking. There are different riding modes which will allow you to choose your speed and also moderate the battery life.


As per the manufacturer, the top speed of this board ranges between 22 and 25 mph. However, taking into consideration several factors such as the weight of the rider and inclination of the terrain the speed is affected. This will lower it to approximately 18.5 mph.

The Good

Smooth Ride

Regardless of the terrain passed, rough or smooth, rocky or sandy, the smoothness experienced while riding is the same. Your comfort is a top priority when riding this skateboard. An attribution to this is the ability of the board to absorb much of the impact and pressure from the ground that would have, otherwise, been passed to your body.

Different riding modes

You’ll be pleased to hear that this skateboard comes with different riding modes to choose from. We have the Eco Mode which utilizes less battery power and is slow to ride. You could also alter the speed and go slow or fast depending on what you want.

The Bad


In order to enjoy the benefits associated with this product, you’ll have to part with a huge sum of cash, unfortunately. Its price is probably the first thing that you will notice. This is a huge discouragement to many riders. If you aren’t an enthusiast who’s willing to go to any lengths of skating, you will find purchasing it quite difficult.

Who Is It For?

The Bamboo GTS Series is specifically designed for people crazy about skating. By crazy, we mean people who would go to any lengths to skate, as well as own this machine. The price slapped on it isn’t a joke, and definitely not for the faint-hearted. It is for people who prioritize comfort and are looking for a ride that will provide them with a smooth feeling over different terrains.


The Bamboo GTX Series is not an inch short of our expectation. Evolve has stayed true to their course and once again showcased the world why they deserve the crown. This product is outstanding, no doubt about that. Taking a close look at it and you will realize that there are lots of similarities with its cousin Evolve Skateboards Carbon GT Series with only minor differences.